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Asher 3 month Mantha 3 year pics

I had my long time friend take pics of the kids for me and they turned out so cute. Here are some of my faves. Thanks Heidi.


This was Mantha's first year trick-or-treating and she loved it! We went up to her cousin's neighborhood and she was so excited. She would YELL 'trick-or-treat, thank-you, happy halloween' at every house and then RUN to the next one. I pushed Asher in a stroller and thought she'd want to ride for a bit in it too, but she just kept going and going.
She was Tinkerbell (we got the movie and she wants to watch it over and over and always talks about it. Asher was Tigger. Here are a few more pictures from lately including one of her and her good friend Brinley playing 'dress ups', and more classic car seat pictures.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Gma's 90th, cows

Ben's only grandparent still alive, Grandam Lyman turned 90 and we had a big birthday bash. It was fun to see everyone but we missed Ben's parents (they're Mission Presidents in Indiana) only 8 months to go! After the party we took Mantha to see the cows (Ben's uncle has a feedlot with hundreds, she liked that a lot!
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Asher First's

Sitting up
Sippy cup
High chair
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Mantha Sedation Dentistry

Mantha was fed through an IV for a long time when she was little. When we took her home from the hospital at 5 months old she only needed 18 hours of IV feedings, then we cut it down to 12, which we did at night. Eventually we were able to remove the central line completely and give her all her calories orally. At that point we had to give her several bottles of pedia sure at night to replace the IV fluids and calories. This was a HUGE milestone for us, and was not expected to happen until she was at least 5!
Anyway, all those bottles of pedia sure every night for over a year completely ruined her teeth. So, she had lots of cavities to fill and possibly a few caps too. Well, she was really nervous (she is very traumatized by anything medical and screams and cries) so we were expecting the worse before and after the surgery. Before was ok, until I handed her to the Doctor to take her back and she started crying and I started crying. Most Awful moment ever!
Then the nurse came in and told us they didn't need to cap the 3 they thought then needed to! We were so thrilled! She had enough tooth left to dig out the cavity and fill it instead of capping it. Which was a big deal to us.
When they were done and she was waking up they wheeled her in to us and she was really groggy. We cuddled her and gave her some juice (she was fasting for 12 hours prior and they have to watch her drink and keep down some liquid before discharge). Well, she sipped her drink and did NOT want to leave! She was still a little groggy, but she has NEVER wanted to stay in any hospital ever. They kept coming in and checking on us and finally after 1/2 hour or so made her get her clothes on and kicked us out. (They needed the room). I still get a kick out of this video. :)

We have had such a fun summer, I can't believe it's over. Asher's growing so fast! I miss the warm days playing in the yard or picking and canning fruit. I can't believe this may be our last year in this house, we're going to miss it and all our friends in this wonderful neighborhood.


We got a phone call from my cousin one day saying they were going to a cabin that weekend and had an extra room and wondered if we wanted to come. We threw some stuff in a bag and jumped in the car! It was a beautiful drive, and we had a wonderful weekend. We went on hikes, drove a huge 4-wheeler, got in the hot tub, ate, played games, slept and watch movies. The kids played so well together and it was so fun to get away, we needed the break. Thanks Mindy for inviting us!

Asher tongue-tie surgery

Asher was born with a pretty severe tongue-tie that we didn't notice until he was a few months old. It mostly affected how he ate (which we were having a very hard time with). And could've cause speech problems when he got older. We took him in to an ENT and because he was no longer a newborn (stronger and more wiggly) we had to take him to a hospital and sedate him to do the surgery instead of doing it there in the office. My Mom came down to stay with Mantha because they don't allow any kids during the procedure and I wanted Ben there for support for Asher and myself. I tend to get emotional about this stuff after having gone through so much with Mantha. He was the 2nd one on the OR schedule (they do it in age order) so we had to be there at 6:00am with a 6:30am OR slot. Because they needed to sedate him, we brought him fasting which is always hard with the babies. But Ben was able to keep him smiling as we checked in and got vitals. We did it at a small local hospital instead of Primary Children's Hospital where we're used to going. The small hospital wasn't quite as versed in babies as we were used to, and I got nervous a few times with small things they did, but it went pretty smooth. The procedure was quick and Asher was a champ. I was able to nurse him minutes after the procedure was over. My Dad called several times from Primary to check on us and get the scoop on our anesthesiologist, he always wants the best for his grand kids. It took about a week for Asher to re-learn how to use his tongue, but it really helped with his gassiness and his ability to nurse.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Flying to Indiana

Traveling pics from our Indiana trip.
On the shuttle bus

SLC to Indy- our flight left at 6:50am, so this was an EARLY morning!

Indy to SLC-waiting for our plane
Indy to SLC
My ipod was a hit for Mantha to watch movies on!
Asher did so good.
Taking the shuttle back to our car, what a fun trip!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Summer fun!

One of our favorite things
Asher loves sitting up!
Camping out. They said they were being 'farmer girls'. :)

Mantha and Ernie


My Mom took Mantha to Build-a-bear for her birthday!
Filling up the bunny with stuffing, Mantha was pretty focused on pushing the step down.
Kissing the heart.
Washing bunny

Mantha picked out the clothes and shoes. Grandma even got bunny a pair of panties cause Mantha is potty-training. Here's the finished product, so cute!
Thanks Grandma Sandi!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Asher's hair?

This is what Asher would look like if he get's Ben's 'ski-jump' hair. Lets hope he doesn't.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


You shouldn't pull strings hanging off socks, no matter how small.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


say hello to...
asher benjamin corey
6 lbs 10 oz
20 in long
born march 25, 2009
proud parents ben and kimby
and big sister samantha

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4th sleepover at Grandma's house

We have a sleepover at my Grandma's house every year on the 4th and it is so fun!




Grandma and pa on their golf cart